About Us

AMR Social Science Project investigates antimicrobial resistance (AMR) through a political science lens, by analyzing the global political dynamics that prevent AMR from gaining greater traction on the global policy agenda. The project will be centered at Roskilde University based on collaboration with University of Melbourne Australia and it is implemented by a core team and experts as advisors. This project is funded by Independent Research Fund Denmark

The Project Team:

Olivier Rubin
Professor (with special responsibilities) of Global Studies, Department of Social Sciences and Business, Roskilde University. Rubin is a disaster researcher with an expertise in the political dynamics surrounding transboundary and creeping disasters as diverse as famine, pandemics, climate change and antimicrobial resistance.

Erik Bækkeskov
Is a senior lecturer at the University of Melbourne in Australia. Bækkeskov is an expert on Public policy and political science: Factors shaping public policy-making, Public health / crisis management: Infectious disease management and pandemic preparedness and response, Governance and public administration: Public sector decision-making / contracting-out and other PPP and Experimental public policy design.

Louise Munkholm
Postdoctoral research fellow at Roskilde University. Munkholm is an expert in sociology of law, international tendencies in law and law enforcement. Her research focuses on the role of legal professionals and street level bureaucrats in turning law from paper into action. She is currently investigating the global dynamics of AMR from a sociology of law perspective at Roskilde University.

Ahmad Wesal Zaman
PhD research fellow at Roskilde University investigating the global dynamics of AMR from a political science lens. Zaman has had the experience of working with Los Angeles Times as local reporter and has also been project manager for small-medium international development projects.

Sarah Humboldt-Dachroeden
PhD research fellow at Roskilde University, investigating policy processes and the institutionalization of One Health in Europe. Humboldt is examining the One Health approach as a whole, but is also focusing on more specific issues, such as AMR and food-borne diseases. Her background is in public health with a focus on global health and health policies.

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